About Us

The Solar Rooftop Portal – Uttarakhand is a Unified Single Window Clearance Portal for processing Solar Rooftop PV Application. It is a state-of-the-art portal devised for accelerating deployment of Grid Connected Solar Rooftop PV (GRPV) installations in the State of Uttarakhand. The Solar Rooftop Portal - Uttarakhand serves as an integrated platform for multiple solar rooftop stakeholders namely Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd. (UPCL), all UPCL Consumers and Developers.

The Solar Rooftop Portal - Uttarakhand displays comprehensive information pertaining to installation of GRPV in Uttarakhand. Through this platform, the consumers can submit interonnection as well as Subsidy Application to UPCL.

Features of USRTPV:

  • Access to information pertaining to solar rooftop system
  • Reduction in time and improvement in implementation efficiency of solar rooftop system
  • Easy and stress-free tracking of application process
  • Single login to transact with multiple stakeholders